Georgia hosted air rally - RALLEY AERO FRANCE 2018 organized by travel company Vanilla Sky, airline company Service Air and private pilot Jean Michel COLLINEAU.

    Mr. Amiran Manjavidze, head of the company and the owner of Natakhtari airdrome has introduced a tradition to welcome and host guests, arriving to Georgia on their own aircrafts from all over the world.
   On June 23rd 18 aircrafts of RALLYE AERO FRANCE came to Georgia from France.  Private pilots and their accompanying passengers landed at Batumi international airport. On June 24th they flew to Natakhtari airport and proceeded with their air tour to different parts of Georgia, planned and organized by the travel company Vanilla Sky.

    Air rally was supported by the leadership of the Government of Adjara, Georgian National Tourism Administration, Georgian Civil Aviation Agency and Department of Navigation of Georgia.